The most beautiful combination is meeting the budget while achieving the common goal of gaining impressions….Click Image below to Explore!

Facebook has rules and standards that every ad has to pass. Failure to comply with FaceBook Ad Standards will revoke your right to publish your ad. No Refund will be granted to an Ad that doesn’t comply with Facebook Standards. Contact Skipinyerstep for help in getting your ad approved for a Fee.



Please allow my staff to ensure a smooth transaction.

When scheduling ads in the future please note that one has 60 days from present day.


  1. When Scheduling an ad one needs to be 24 hours ahead of current time. 

Skipinyerstep offers email targeting. Which allows you to create a custom audience by uploading a list of email addresses of people you want to target.


 Use a website URL for AD. A social url will not perform in this Application. The website url must contain the image you want to create an AD. So one can double click the image located on website then copy that URL and Paste into my Skipinyerstep Product. Then after one launches campaign you can view the ad as it is scheduled and how it will appear on my Natures Way Page. Click on Image below for more details, Enjoy!